Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ is the global standard for crowdsourced brand and product innovation, and used already by major global brands, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, with 1m community participants across 191 countries in 15 languages. 

Chaordix has brought together the emerging power of crowdsourcing with traditional go-to-market marketing processes of product, price, promotion and place – to identify and develop the 5th P of Marketing – Participation.

The Crowd Intelligence platform is a proprietary, enterprise-ready, cloud-based, fully responsive crowdsourcing platform. Chaordix’s industry-leading software enables the company to design, build and manage Massive Crowdsourcing Innovation Communities (MCIC) of over a million participants. 

Crowd Intelligence enables brands to interact with stakeholders – customers, partners, fans and employees – through participation in online communities to derive insight. Participants are driving the brands’ innovation, products and services that they care about. 

Chaordix was sold to a leader in global corporate purpose software.