Lontra is a technology company developing innovative products that address traditional engineering challenges.

Lontra brings an innovative patented solution to established industries using low pressure compressors or blowers, including waste water treatment, food production, pharmaceutical, chemical and cement manufacturing, a global compressor market worth over £50bn. The company makes an important impact on energy and resource usage worldwide.

The patented Blade Compressor presents a step change in compressor technology and a completely new and patented geometry for a machine that is at the core of many industries. It represents the first new, widely applicable and radical gas compressor design in nearly 80 years. It takes a clean-sheet approach by solving the problems associated with traditional compressor designs.

The geometry of the Blade Compressor means that it leaks less, has greater energy efficiencies and is more reliable than traditional technologies, with independent testing showing up to 34% electricity saving against a market leading competitor. Lontra’s breakthrough technology presents a significant win for industries who are dependent on compressor technologies.