Osirium offers companies a software solution, which combines the latest in cyber-security technology with task automation to counter the most dangerous of today's cyber-threats, as well as offering huge financial savings by lowering operational costs and reducing human error. 

The popularity of mobile devices and increased adoption of cloud services has exposed enterprises to sophisticated and persistent threats. The privileged insider and outsider have become inter-changeable and the traditional idea of the security perimeter has dissolved. These risks have huge potential for cyber- attack and corporate damage, giving anyone with privileged access unlimited power to compromise data and remain undetected for long periods of time. 

Osirium offers the world’s first, built-for-purpose, 21st-century cyber-security and privileged infrastructure automation solution, which effortlessly protects its customers from the cyber-threats of hybrid-cloud IT Infrastructures, as well as driving down operational costs by automating and delegating privileged tasks.