Claresys was established in 2008 as a spin-out from the UK Government's Defence Science & Technology Laboratories (Dstl) to exploit Dstl patented designs for highly covert surveillance camera lens systems.

The company launched a range of products based on this technology to address the surveillance market.

The initial products launched were aimed at what the industry refers to as Intrusive Surveillance watching people in private locations such as their homes or offices. These products include the COSE pinhole lens, which offers 120 degree pan and tilt together with 10x zoom capability, all through a 1mm pinhole with no moving parts.

The latest products added to the range are aimed at the much larger Directed Surveillance sector watching targets covertly in public locations. These products are typically used to watch targets in urban or rural environments going about their normal business.

Sophisticated integrated control systems and analytics processors also allow imagery to be transmitted automatically to command posts, and incorporate face recognition and gait recognition capability.

Claresys was acquired by one of its clients, a security company seeking to integrate its offering and add value through exclusive access to the high quality optics produced by Claresys.