Our People

Harwell Capital comprises a team with extensive international business experience at senior levels across financial services and a broad range of industry sectors.

Harwell Capital is affiliated with Midven, a successful UK venture capital company selected by the UK Government to manage the Rainbow Seed Fund when it was established in 2001 to fund the commercialisation of technology developed across the UK government research base.

Midven Ltd. is a specialist venture capital company licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), providing funding to fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises through a series of five managed funds.

Founded in Birmingham in 1990, with a focus on supporting SMEs in the Midlands, a management buy-out was completed in October 2007 when the investment team acquired the business from the original founders. The company comprises a 19 strong team, with backgrounds spanning venture capital, chartered accountancy, investment banking, law, science and engineering.