One of the seven UK Research Councils, BBSRC was established by Royal Charter in 1994 and is the UK's principal funder of research across the Biosciences.

With an annual budget of £492m, BBSRC provides funding to 8 institutes delivering innovative, world class bioscience research and supports around 1,600 scientists and 2,000 research students in universities and institutes in the UK.

BBSRC research helps tackle some of the major challenges facing the world such as climate change, a healthier old age, and sustainable food production, land use and energy production.

Research on ageing addresses the challenge of prolonging health into old age as life expectancy increases. This increasingly demands multidisciplinary approaches, with biologists working together with physicians, chemists, mathematicians and engineers in three cross-Research Council programmes.

Research is revealing how plants, animals and microbes will respond to climate change, and what this will mean for natural and farmed environments. Bioscience is also helping to mitigate some of the causes of climate change, by identifying options for saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing renewable energy sources.

The world is facing a potential crisis in food security, with a global population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050. BBSRC is the principal UK funder of food-related research to address the challenge of using the same amount of land to grow more food of greater nutritional value, using less energy, water and pesticides whilst producing less waste. The multi-agency Global Food Security programme launched in 2010 brings together research across UK government.

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